Clare Burton

Clare Burton

CrossFit & Nutrition Coach

Squat: 280

Clean: 210

Snatch: 160

Overhead Squat: 195


CrossFit Level 2,

NCI L1 Nutrition Coach Certification

Masters in Biomedical Sciences

About Coach

I started CrossFit my senior year in college and was hooked. Fast forward to 2016, starting grad school at MUSC, CrossFit & teaching it was the best & most fun part of my day, despite already working many hours in and out of labs. Being in a gym with no female coaches, I really sensed a need for someone compassionate, empathetic and relatable, so I became a coach & have never looked back. After graduating from MUSC & hating every job I was applying for because it didn't involve every day people & making every day people better (like coaching), I knew my career was going to take a different direction. With my grad degree and my NCI L1 certification, I began coaching nutrition coaching full time. Since then, I have worked with hundreds of people, mostly women, teaching them how to finally eat to fuel their bodies and not starve themselves, to take up space in and out of the gym, and to feel confident & proud of the bodies they have.

Turning Point

My turning point in life was almost dying from DVT/PE blood clots in 2016. Before then, I worked out just to work out. I was really only healthy inside the gym but lifestyle factors out of the gym were what you typically think of when you think "senior in college". After almost losing the battle of life, I vowed to be my healthiest that if I were to unexpectedly lose my life, it was my time, not due to my lifestyle or habits. I committed to CrossFit, didn't drink alcohol for 2 years, hired a nutrition coach, ate to fuel my body, and have never looked back.

Motivation & Passion

Coaching people brings me immense joy. Providing someone with the confidence to take up more space, appreciate themselves & their bodies more, to take care of their bodies/selves more, and to have a safe space to be themselves is why I became a coach. Knowing as a coach we can be the highlight of someone's day and keep them coming into the gym day in day out is an honor.

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