"Constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity across broad time and modal domains."



At Iron Bridge you are an athlete. You are an important part of a team environment where your performance and effort are expected. Regardless of the workout, we push you to 'empty the tank' and achieve a phenomenal workout - whether that be during a five-minute WOD or a 30-minute AMRAP. 
Every workout should be challenging, yet effective to all athletes - seasoned and beginner.
We don't have machines, you are the machine. You will achieve results when you work with our coaches to push yourself beyond where you think you can go every time.


Our CrossFit classes are programmed in-house by our coaches and cover olympic lifting, endurance, gymnastics and core work. We program workouts based upon the needs of our athletes. Our focus is improving the lives and well-being of the Iron Bridge members.

Our classes span one-hour in length and begin with a group warm-up, followed by either a strength or skill component and a WOD.

New to CrossFit? No worries! Every class is accompanied by an Iron Bridge coach who is trained to explain every movement in detail. 

Seasoned CrossFit pro? Great! A coach will be there to cheer you on and help you finish that last rep.

The coaching at Iron Bridge is conducted by top-notch professional trainers who have athletes' goals and safety in mind at all times. Sure, we push the intensity, but we also help our athletes modify workouts so they can be done safely, yet still achieve a great workout.

No matter what your goals, our coaching staff helps our athletes achieve them.


This is not just our gym — it's our lifestyle.

At Iron Bridge you learn how to improve your health and fitness. Weight loss and looking better is simply a by-product of the right life choices.


We are a community that competes against one another and pick each other up, and we stay to cheer the last man on.  Attitude, motivation, and community are what powers us. 


We have a top notch, clean facility that shows that we demand high quality.

Ready to join the Iron Bridge family? Whether you're a Charleston resident or visiting the Holy City; a first-timer or bringing years of CrossFit experience - we welcome everyone!