Who We Are

CrossFit embodies community; and Iron Bridge is no different. But, what does set us apart is our love and support for our athletes. 

At Iron Bridge, our athletes are family. Whether you're the first or last to finish a WOD, or if you have the heaviest or lightest olympic lifts - everyone counts. Our coaches and athletes never leave anyone to finish a WOD alone. 

We value true integrity, community and hard work. Whether you're a Charleston resident or just visiting - our doors are always open!

About the Owners

Shannon and Donnie McDaniel are the fearless leaders of Iron Bridge CrossFit. Shannon is the head coach and brains of the box. In addition to managing Iron Bridge, she keeps busy by raising five children. 

She is a former gymnast and competitive athlete with a love for helping people become the best version of themselves.

Coaching, teaching new skills and encouraging athletes to strive to be better every day in turn encourages her to reach new levels in her own life.


Standing behind Shannon is her husband, Donnie. Learn more about the McDaniels and the Iron Bridge team. 

What Makes Us Unique

Sitting at 4200 sq feet, we are the largest CrossFit gym in West Ashley, and have plenty of space for our lifting, group classes and open gym times to run simultaneously. Our facility boasts four Olympic weight lifting platforms and plenty of bars and weights to meet your fitness goals!

We also have locker rooms and showers in our facility, a real rarity in the CrossFit world.  Now you can catch that 5:00 or 6:00 a.m. class, shower and beat all the traffic in the morning! 


Another differentiator is our coaching. The coaching at Iron Bridge is conducted by top-notch professional trainers who have athletes' goals and safety in mind at all times. Sure, we push the intensity, but we also help our athletes modify workouts so they can be done safely, yet still achieve a great workout. All of our coaches bring not only CrossFit experience to our box, but also a lifetime of athletic experience. Our coaches are first and foremost athletes with experience in gymnastics, swimming, wrestling, Olympic weightlifting and martial arts. No matter what your goals, our coaching staff helps our athletes achieve them.



Community sets us apart; group classes are the foundation of our CrossFit programming. No more ear buds for you!  At Iron Bridge, you are not on your fitness journey alone, you are walking with other men and women who share your goals and who are there to both challenge and encourage you. It is the group atmosphere and experience that makes CrossFit such a unique experience. There is always a smiling face to push you and help you reach your goals.

Pushing through that difficult workout is much easier when someone is working with you.


What do you have to be afraid of? Absolutely nothing! Come out and give us a try! We even have a special class on Saturdays at 10:00 a.m. called Fit Fam that is perfect for first time guests. The first visit is on the house (no fee!). Sign a waiver and workout. We know you can do this. Grab a friend and join us for the Fit Fam workout on Saturday.


Our members have access to all open gym times, CrossFit classes, Comp Train, Olympic Weightlifting, Fit Fam and Gymnastics.


Our athletes have the option of adding specialty classes to their memberships to include: Shred, Strong (Wo)Man, Longevity, Personal Training and Iron Kids. View all of our classes here



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