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Why Iron Kids?

Why Iron Kids? The answer is simple. Children are contracting diseases that were commonly associated with old age. Type 2 diabetes, obesity, anterior head syndrome and poor posture are a few problems that are now a regular aspect of the lives of children. Many of these issues arise from our increasing sedentary lifestyle. These health issues can be halted or even reversed with exercise and proper nutrition. We owe it to our kids to do all that we can to help them form lifelong healthy exercise and eating habits.

The struggle against our culture’s sedentary lifestyle and the obesity that accompanies it is one that you do not have to face alone. The Iron Kids program at Iron Bridge is crafted to present exercise and nutrition in a fun and interactive way.  

The classes are lead by Head Coach and Owner, Shannon McDaniel, who is also a mother of five. She knows how to work with and motivate kids. The classes are high energy and fun, and filled with children of the same age. We know your kids will love this environment!

CrossFit Kids can succeed where other programs fail because the classes are engineered with the special needs of children in mind and they are constantly varied. Your children will be less likely to become bored and disinterested in attending these fun-filled classes. Let us partner with you in the pursuit of your child’s health and fitness goals. Together, we can provide lifelong healthy habits!

Is this safe?

You may have seen the CrossFit Games on television and thought, “Wow, that looks awesome, but dangerous!” The Games highlight the most elite athletes in the world; but don’t worry, your little ones will not be lifting heavy barbells over their heads. Within the CrossFit Kids programming, the focus is on the proper control and movement of the body rather than objects. The classes will  be structured around your kids learning to move correctly and using their own body weight for resistance.

Class Times:

Tues & Thurs 5:30 - 6:30 pm (Ages 10+ years old)

What does class look like? Can I join my kids? The safety and security of your kids is a primary concern

Our Kids Classes (10- 16 years old) are Tues & Thurs at 5:30-6:30 pm. The kids in this class learn proper technique first and are then introduced to weights and barbells. Each class has a strength, skill and workout component. Of course the favorite part is the game at the end of class! These kids know how to have fun while getting fit.

A third opportunity for our Iron Kids members to join a class is during our Fit Fam class on Saturday at 9 am. The class is designed for children, siblings, and parents can workout alongside each other. We sell special punch cards for our Saturday schedule so anyone can enjoy a Saturday workout without being an Iron Bridge member.

​Coach Shannon, and any of our coaches who assist with Iron Kids, are background checked and screened through state and federal law enforcement agencies to ensure that only qualified and trustworthy people are working with your children. Parents are welcome to drop off their kids or stay in the athletes lounge during class.

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