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67 and Posting PRs! (personal records)

Ken Kreutzer...aka...Uncle Ken...UK has been a part of Iron Bridge since we opened our doors 3 years ago. Ken became an Iron Bridge Athlete about 18 months ago and is currently a fierce and our oldest competitor.

Ken has a long Navy background and has accumulated several South Carolina state level Racquetball titles in his past. Since becoming and Iron Bridge Athlete he's traded his carbon fiber, lite-weight racquet and sneakers for a heavy barbell and pair of nanos.

Since Ken has been at Iron Bridge he's hit significant goals that he set for himself. Within weeks of joining, despite only being able to hit a 1/2 squat, he set a goal of a body weight back squat before his 66th birthday and nailed it....easily (watch the video). Since, we've seen him hit 200, then 205, then 215. Ken pulls heavy deadlifts, power cleans and finishes Hero WODs. His no stranger to ripping his shirt off as the WOD gets serious and gasping for air as he finishes a workout.

"What I love about Ken is that you can't tell him no. Sure he's got mobility issues and an elbow that won't straighten out for him, but that doesn't stop him. He challenges the coaches to give him something he can do...and it better not be an easy substitution."

The thing that rounds Ken out as a true Iron Bridge CrossFit Athlete is his welcoming conversation. Ken knows all the athletes, their back stories and celebrates the successes of those around him at Iron Bridge. If you're new and Ken is in the'll meet Ken soon enough. Ken has even lead his peers into taking a stance on their health and wellness. Ken's friends and family were inspired by his success to the point that they requested a special class focused on longevity for older athletes. Now our 9:15am class.

At 67 Ken is moving better, feeling better and looking even a little vascular (ripped) literally dawned head to toe in his Iron Bridge gear. This guy is all in. He is a leader and inspiration not only at Iron Bridge, but in his home community and as far as I'm concerned the health and fitness community at large.


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