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Iron Bridge Athlete: Camila Proffitt

What was your fitness background and what brought you to Iron Bridge CrossFit?

I had been doing crossfit for a few months before moving down to Charleston and finding IBCF. I have literally no fitness background otherwise besides moderate running and doing turbo fire (sort of like insanity for girls), otherwise I never did any sports really.

How has CrossFit improved your life outside the gym?

Well I'm obviously a pretty religious 6amer (Daniela will argue im a 6:01er :p) and crossfitting before work changes my mood and performance significantly. I'm a structural engineer so I'm sitting at a computer all day and being able to complete my workout before I start my workday allows me to be more alert and energized to power through the 8 hours. Otherwise, I find crossfit keeps me in shape enough to pick up any other activities I like for example rock climbing, biking, or swimming. I can go months without running and once it gets nice out and i feel like going for a quick 5k, I can pick up right where I left off.

What has been your favorite moment at IBCF?

There have been a lot of satisfying PR's but off the top of my head, PRing my deadlift and back squat greatly after my back injury last year felt amazing and doing Annie under 7 mins after months of struggling (I still struggle) with double unders. Other than individual achievements, I really love any moment with my 6am family. Everyone is so nice and encouraging not to mention the breadth of different strengths and weaknesses causes us to take turns being the first to finish WODs and cheer each other on.

WODs and Movements - what are your favorites and what makes your palms sweat?

Favorites: Slam balls!, handstand pushups, Box jumps, running, light overhead squats, and pullups (not that im good at them I just like to work on them) Hates (get ready cause this'll be a rant): ROPECLIMBS besides the fact they're exhausting it's a huge pet peeve they leave a huge burn on my shin WALLBALLS they used to be my favorite but now that the standard for girls has changed from the 14lb to the 10 ft instead of 9 ft I can't get into a good rhythm anymore, not to mention it hurts my neck burpees take me too much time burpees over the box (for real) is an eternal fear long rowing is too boring rant over.

One piece of advice for someone new to CrossFit

Come to 6am :) (just kidding I actually love all the classes and I drop in in the evening from time to time to change it up and meet peeps) I'd say ask questions! Lots of them! I can't tell you how awkward cleaning and snatching felt the first few times around. You feel weird, you dont know when to dip, how to catch it when to squat, how do not hit your knees, everyone has been there. The coaches have enough experience to catch what's going on with your form and give you tips on how to change it or drills to work on bad habits. ALSO never feel like you need to do the RX weight to feel better about your performance (or be peer pressured into scaling up; popular with the6am crew) everyone's body is different, stronger muscles in certain areas, better mobility in others, level of soreness is different depending on what they do in and out of the gym. It's fun to be a little competitive but dont beat yourself up by comparing your abilities to those of another athletes. That being said don't be a sand bagger either!!! Results come from continuous improvement, if you're REALLY new you should be PRing lifts with ease and often as you continue your routine at the box. Find that middle ground. Push yourself, but don't be stupid about it

What keeps you going in a WOD when your mind is telling you to stop?

Mostly just being able to say I did it haha. I'd rather me take 50 minutes to complete something than just say I only got through 2/4 rounds because I didn't want to anymore. I've had come coaches cut me off since the class ran out of time but I've never DNF a wod voluntarily. I also have a rule in my mind if I need to take breaks because I'm crazy. If im repping it out and it is actually painful to continue start a 10 second count down to relax and shake it out before starting again. If im just breaking as strategy its 5 seconds. Besides me in my own head, cheering on by coach and class really does help

Anything else you'd like to add.So pumped about the new equipment!! (especially my new girl bar :P)

Must do in Charleston

Float the Edisto river with some tubes friends and beers. Run the bridge (not to be confused with doing the actual bridge run; I hate crowds). Go to family day at Boeing and see the coolest facility in the state. Fireworks on the 4th of July at Sunrise Park on james island. New Years on the Yorktown. See botany bay at sunrise or sunset. Get a Jeep


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