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Iron Bridge Athlete - Joe Vazquez

What was your fitness background and what brought you to Iron Bridge CrossFit?

I have played sports my entire life. Soccer is my sport and I played through high school, college, and for a city club team in DC. In college, I began lifting in conjunction with soccer training, and have lifted ever since. I had always been intrigued with Crossfit. The powerful movements, the explosive strength, and health benefits was what I wanted and needed.

How has CrossFit improved your life inside and outside the gym?

Crossfit has truly changed my life. I know when people say such statements, others may think that it's a bit dramatic, but it's true. I wanted a health change, and just something different than the "normal" chest lift one day, shoulders the next day, etc... I can go into a gym now, and not touch one weight and get more of a workout than most. And I LOVE that. Outside the gym, I have a ton of energy to keep up with my one yr old (I still need about another yr of crossfit to keep his pace), I have lost a good amount of weight and gain the right weight back, and I just love how I feel. Inside the gym, I am just amped up. I love how every day is a different workout. I love the strength that I am gaining, as well as the knowledge of perfecting different lifts. I love the people! I love having people cheer each other on who are going through the same pain (the feeling of dying during a WOD) you are dealing with.

What has been your favorite moment at IBCF?

Hitting my 410 deadlift!!! I felt like the hulk right after, then had to go lie down...

WODs and Movements - what are your favorites and what makes your palms sweat?

I love deadlifts and toes to bar, but despise the evil snatch and everything it involves. It is the worst! EMOM's of one or two specific movements would probably be my favorite kind of WOD. Forcing everything in a short amount of time, then doing it again, and again, and again.

One piece of advice for someone new to CrossFit

DONT BE INTIMIDATED!!! I was a nervous wreck my first day! I was scared I would mess up, I didn't want to "get in the way" of others lifting, and felt like I needed to keep up with everyone in the class (HORRIBLE IDEA). Go in with an open mind and no reservation. The people and coaches in our gym are friendly and will help out any way they can. Remember, we all had a "first day" too!

What keeps you going in a WOD when your mind is telling you to stop?

As the quote in our gym says "There is a high schooler somewhere warming up with your PR (Personal Record)"... And I can't have a High School kid lifting more than me. So my drive is to be faster and stronger.

Anything else you'd like to add

NEVER QUIT! Crossfit is one of the hardest things I have done to my body, but it will pay off. Believe in yourself, encourage others, listen to your coaches, learn from mistakes, and keep making gains.

Must do in Charleston

EAT!!! It's ok to eat, you crossfit! Wild Olive in Johns Island- Best Restaurant in Charleston (Italian) Swig and Swine West Ashley- BBQ Paige's Okra Grill Mt P- Brunch is Best

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