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Iron Bridge Athlete: Christopher Hudson

What was your fitness background and what brought you to Iron Bridge CrossFit?

My fitness background has been varied my entire life. I was in the Army for 11 years and worked out regularly and then I wasn't in the Army and didn't exercise. Over the last three years I have been working on changing my lifestyle more to include exercise. Then last fall I got really sick and my doctor explained to me in certain terms that I needed to take better care of my body, I was on the verge of being diabetic and I was just unhealthy. I started researching fitness routines/recommendations of others in a support group that I was a member of and one guy in particular had a powerful transformation through crossfit. I then sought recommendations of gyms and through John Potter, Iron Bridge was recommended. They were by far the best that I had checked out; their emphasis was on body and exercise form. So I knew that Iron Bridge would be my gym.

How has CrossFit improved your life inside and outside the gym?

I am 100% transformed by the improvements in my life. I was not a strong lifter of any weights and to be honest just sort of looked at the weights and did nothing with them, I didn't understand technique or usage of weights until Iron Bridge. I love that I know several different movements and proper techniques when lifting and I love the surprise of when I say my max weight is this and I realize that I can go higher. I was naturally losing weight due to my health illness but crossfit has allowed me properly turn the fat into muscle and I can see my body reshaping before my eyes when I look into the mirror. My scale may stay the same now sometimes but my clothes definitely are not fitting, it's a body reshaping and I have to say, I am loving every minute. It's funny, I switched to the 6am classes and my co-worker can tell if I didn't go to the gym or I missed because I am usually in a bad mood. I do not like missing the gym.

What has been your favorite moment at IBCF?

There are so many moments that I have enjoyed. Increasing my weights, improving on my endurance, seeing the body transformation but the one thing that has been my favorite thing about IBCF is making friends with the others that I work out with in the gym. I enjoy talking with everyone and the sense of community that I get, this is especially true because I am such a newbie still to Charleston. The experience as a whole has been a favorite moment of my life.

WODs and Movements - what are your favorites and what makes your palms sweat?

Basically I know some will read this and go WTF. Hahaha. The truth is, I enjoy Thrusters and I think that goes back to my first partner WOD. I was working with Robin and we were trading off and I remember thinking she's got the Double Unders and I have the Thrusters. It was just a great feeling my first accomplishment where I felt that I truly worked my but off and contributed. The movement I dread the most are lunges. I despise lunges. For some reason they are difficult and not very enjoyable to me from a performance. I get true anxiety from lunges. I am not sure why but if I see lunges I just get this feeling of wanting to puke.

One piece of advice for someone new to CrossFit

Find the right gym, that is going to give you what you need and push you at the same time. Crossfit can be intimidating especially if you are new to the community. Let go of preconceived notions and work to your best always.

What keeps you going in a WOD when your mind is telling you to stop?

There are times that I want to just stop (especially if lunges are on the list) and times where I definitely have reached my max during a workout. When I was in basic training a drill sergeant must have seen that look on my face and he said to me, remember Hudson, nothing last forever. So when I am going through something difficult or challenging and I want to quit, I just say to myself that this will not last forever and for me to come out of this I need to push through and keep on keeping on. :)

Anything else you'd like to add.

Not sure if I am repeating this or not but Crossfit is about challenging yourself and not comparing your progress to others. I am concerned less with lifting as much as the person beside me but more challenged to lift more than I did last time.

Must do in Charleston

The food is always so good but get out in the city and just walk and talk to people. Sit down on a bench and speak the people that sit down next to you or across from you. I have had some great conversations with perfect strangers.


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