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Want a more organized class on Saturdays?

I want Saturdays looking like this again...throwback! Starting this Saturday!

8:05am - Iron Athlete WOD Negotiation Begins - we like to get there early and decide on the nasty-ness together. This WOD will likely be heavy and be built of more advanced movements or strength / skill components

8:25am-9:30am Iron Athlete WOD

9:30am-10:30am - Metcon Madness WOD - if you like a longer, less complex Metcon WODs (cardio) this is your jam. Be warmed up and ready to work at 9:30 so the coach can get you started.

As always you are welcome to come work on anything you want on Saturdays. You do not have to jump in the fun with all the awesome people who are doing the work together...who said peer pressure ended in highschool?

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