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Iron Bridge Athlete: Ann Gallacher

What was your fitness background and what brought you to Iron Bridge CrossFit?

No background in fitness, really. In High School I played tennis for my county and earned medals for trampolining (!!). In my 30s I did some powerlifting but since then just walking/hiking.

How has CrossFit improved your life inside and outside the gym?

Six months ago I started CrossFit at Iron Bridge literally from zero , with some wicked arthritis in both knees - so bad it almost took a block and tackle to get me out of an armchair. Not only have I increased my mobility and capacity, but have improved my strength exponentially. At my Iron Bridge intro session I could only squat about 2 inches and ran for the first time in 40 years! I don't recognize that person now. It isn't always pretty, but I'm performing most of the CF movements. Loving the holistic approach to fitness at IBCF too - when you work so hard at a wod it's a shame to undo all that goodness by going home and eating junk - with the encouragement of my IBCF fellow "wodders" and my amazing coaches I completed a Whole30, feel so good as a result and have lost 10lbs.... and counting.

What has been your favorite moment at IBCF?

There have been so many, but overall I like how everyone in IBCF so welcoming and non-judgmental. There is, obviously, the community aspect that appeals and it's certainly never boring. Had I joined a traditional gym I would have lasted one week.

WODs and Movements - what are your favorites and what makes your palms sweat?

Favorites? Not sure I have any.... yet. What makes my palms sweat? Pretty much everything !

One piece of advice for someone new to CrossFit

Don't fall prey to the assumption that CrossFit is for elite athletes. It is not. It is for everyone and can be scaled and modified to suit individual levels of fitness. (I should know) The hardest moment in CrossFit is walking through those doors for the first time. More older adults should consider CrossFit too - the overall health, mobility and fitness rewards are immeasurable. Get moving and keep moving!

What keeps you going in a WOD when your mind is telling you to stop?

What keeps me going is the fact that my fellow IBCF athletes are right next to me struggling through the wod, no matter their age, experience and level of fitness. I don't want to let myself down and, to a certain extent, let the class down by "getting in my own way".

Must do in Charleston

Restaurants. Walking around gorgeous Downtown.


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