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No Experience Necessary: Onramp Program for Crossfit Newbies!

Our next Onramp is June 13th - June 16th! Register HERE!

Crossfit has been helping individuals meet strength and weight loss goals as well as create healthy lifestyles for individuals all over the world for years. The unique combination of strength movements, Olympic lifting, and gymnastics in combination with an energetic atmosphere and community of support make Crossfit a successful workout program for anyone - yes, ANYONE!

But, walking into this atmosphere is scary. Super scary...especially if you have little or no experience with lifting or even working out. We get it!

IBCF offers an onramp program that lets all our “new to Crossfit” members work directly with our coaches and other newbies to make sure all who join IBCF feel comfortable, confident and excited about their fitness journey!

Onramp is available every other week and is a four day course (including your Free Intro Class). At your Free Intro class, you will work with owner and coach Keith Adamson to go over the basics of Crossfit and movement. (Click HERE to sign up for your Free Intro Class!)

After your Free Intro Class, you may register for the Onramp program. Onramp meet on Monday (with Coach Megan), Tuesday (with Coach/Owner Beth), and Thursday (with Coach Andrea) at 6:00 pm. Each session lasts just over an hour and includes a warm up; direct instruction on movements in Crossfit; and a WOD - workout of the day.

Onramp take place while our regular Crossfit classes are underway, so you’ll also have a chance to meet the community and see them in action. At the very least, put your mind to rest about what really takes place at a Crossfit gym!

Walking through the door is the hardest part. But we’re all here to welcome you with sweaty, open arms, support, and enthusiasm! Now, let’s do this!

We’ll meet you inside….

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