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The Journey and the Mule

I was lucky enough, early in my athletic and professional career, that some reality many leaders...showed me (not just told me) these two sayings. I'm not sure I really understood them until later in life. It's amazing how much these concepts apply in my professional and personal life.

1 - It's not about the destination, its about the Journey

2 - Ain't it great to be a mule

I felt like I had to write this down when I heard someone say "the journey is B.S. thats just something people say to feel better about what they are doing day to day...which pissed me off.

-1- The Journey

My response to the comment about the journey being B.S. is--> You don't need to have a specific destination, but you need to know which direction you are heading AND YOU MUST ACT. The journey applies to the action you take every day to keep heading in the direction that your gut and your head orients you towards.

I've been fortunate enough to find myself in opportunistic positions professionally and as an athlete. This sounds a little cocky, but LUCK had nothing to do with that. Yes, I realize that I need to be extremely thankful for the advantages I was given by my parents and the environment they put me in as well as the strong foundation I was raised in, but that too is built on a foundation that they created.

LUCK, as many people call it, is simply a product of preparations and plans that you execute every day get you ready to navigate opportunities and challenges.

Challenge yourself. Its never easy to challenge yourself. But if you can reflect and task out EVERY DAY with the most important things that need to be done to orient yourself towards your destination, you will get there one way or another. Its not always on time and honestly its not always the exact destination you were planning on but if you think, plan and ACT you will find success where ever you end up.

-2- The Mule

The mule is stubborn. It doesn't get the accolades a stallion does, but damn if it doesn't have an idea of where its headed and how it will get there. Best of all it keeps its head down and works relentlessly towards its destination. No complaints, no regrets and a commitment to what it started.

Its especially difficult today with the amount of feedback you can receive on an hourly basis from those closest to you and even some jack-off you Facebook friended back in 2009.

So how do you take control and avoid just milling along?

- make your plan

- ACT on your plan, every day

- adjust your plan

- throw your plan out and plan again

- make sure your plan agrees with your own personal values, not anyone else's

....make sure you have a plan. It does not need to be complex or have all the answers. You will learn as you go and you plan better every time. Even the act of planning will have a profound effect on your success.

- and again ACT. You have to do something. You will make mistakes, own them and do better next time.

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