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The CrossFit Open- More Than Just 5 Workouts

It’s that time of the year! If you did not know already, the CrossFit Games Open begins Thursday!! Hundreds of thousands of people will be doing the same workouts over the course of the next five weeks. There are only a select few who know what an NFL game is like, but everybody who does the Open experiences the same triumphs and struggles as those that make it to the Games! CrossFit is the ONLY sport where somebody like Rich Froning and yourself can compete side by side, week after week. This opportunity to participate with the worldwide Crossfit community is what the Open is all about.

Iron Bridge has one of the most tight-knit communities I have been around in CrossFit. Our members are extremely supportive of each other, and the Open is another outlet for each one of us to show support to those in our fitfam. Each week, we will count reps for each other; cheer one another on; help each other up; and share in lots of fun and laugh! Friday Night Lights is a great chance for all IBCF members from all class times to workout together and socialize! Family and friends are welcome and encouraged to come see all your hard work and meet your fitfam. The Open is an opportunity for us to celebrate our community and hard work!

So what if you cannot do a double under or pull-up? That doesn’t count you out from the workouts. There are separate age divisions as well as scaled and RX versions of each WOD - just like our day-to-day programming. You do not have to register as “Scaled” or “RX;” each week you may complete the WOD in the manner most appropriate for you. The Open workouts lets you showcase all the hard work you put in the gym over the last year; test yourself against your previous self; and experience Crossfit Headquarters’ programming. Accept the challenge, and embrace this opportunity!

Approach the Open and it’s workouts with a goal(s) in mind: “I will do DU in the Open wod if they show up!” “I want to improve 50 spots in the Southeast Region from last year.” These workouts should have a purpose for each of you. When those double unders show up, take an extra day or two to practice before attempting the workout.

The coaches all want to see you each succeed. We will be there each week to offer strategies, warm ups, suggestions, encouragement, and LOTS of cheering!

The clock is ticking! Sign up now!! Register for the 2017 Crossfit Open.

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