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Welcome the New Owners of Iron Bridge CrossFit

The leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping and football season has commenced. That must mean one thing: Fall has officially begun in Charleston. The weather is not the only thing changing around here. After multiple discussions and meetings, Keith and Beth are pleased to announce that Iron Bridge is now held in the hands of Shannon and Donnie McDaniel.

Donnie and Shannon McDaniel

Shannon brings a lifetime of exercise and experience to Iron Bridge. Growing up, she was a competitive gymnast in Germany, and an all-around athlete. Three years ago, Shannon found her way to CrossFit and has been coaching for nearly two years in both gymnastics and CrossFit environments. Shannon loves to make you work hard, but loves to witness you succeed and progress even more. Read more about Shannon here.

The unknown of change can be intimidating at times. In order make the transition as seamless as possible, both Keith and Beth will continue coaching from time-to-time. Don’t worry, they will also be lifelong members of Iron Bridge and continue making appearances at the box. We will be building on the foundation that Keith and Beth have laid here at Iron Bridge! While change is hard, we encourage you to hang on and see what is ahead for us as a community in the future! We are incredibly excited to meet you all and continue the Iron Bridge community.

The New Faces of Iron Bridge

Standing behind Shannon is her husband and Iron Bridge co-owner, Donnie McDaniel. Donnie will be supporting Shannon and working out at the box on a daily basis. Shannon and Donnie have been married for nearly twenty years and have five children ranging from 16 to 3 years old. The two met their freshman year of college at Charleston Southern University. Donnie introduced Shannon to weight training at CSU and fitness has been a part of their lives together ever since. Avid CrossFitters for three years, they are excited about making a difference in the lives of people on their fitness journey. Learn more about Donnie.

Erin Richter

In addition to Shannon and Donnie, there are three new faces at Iron Bridge. Erin Richter and Pat Yib are both joining the team as coaches, and Candace Kaiser is joining the team as Iron Bridge’s own Communications and Social Media Director.

Erin is first and foremost a lover of every animal in existence, but on top of that she is a great athlete and coach. With the engine of an energizer bunny and incredible strength, Erin is a motivator by nature. She is a native of Florida, graduate of the University of Florida and relocated to the Low Country two years ago. Erin is excited about this opportunity to coach and train with the athletes of Iron Bridge! Learn more about Erin.

Pat Yib

Pat Yib brings years of CrossFit experience and coaching to the Iron Bridge team, with a specialty in Olympic Lifting. Put a barbell in his hands and prepare for a show; he can cycle any Olympic movement and push some serious weight around. Pat is excited to work with all the Iron Bridge members and lead the Olympic lifting program at the box! Read how Pat became involved in CrossFit.

Candace Kaiser

Candace is a young professional and a great athlete with an eye for communications and social media. Along with training and pushing our athletes, Candace will be sharing the stories of our members and community with the world. Don’t be shy if she asks to take your picture or to hear your story. This social butterfly wants to highlight our culture and people who make Iron Bridge shine. She is a native of Ohio, and a serious OSU fan – Go Bucks! Learn more about Candace.

What’s New at Iron Bridge?

We are now offering a variety of new classes at Iron Bridge that include: Comp Training, Fit Fam, Olympic Lifting, a Longevity class and soon a CrossFit Kids class.

Olympic Lifting

Our Olympic Lifting class will be held every Saturday at 8 a.m. During the class, we will review the phases of three lifts: Snatch, Clean and Jerk. The class will be coached primarily by Coach Pat and will dive into the technicalities of each movement. Do you want to become stronger and faster with a barbell? If so, this is your class.

Comp Training WOD

Otherwise known as a competition training workout of the day, this is a Saturday at 9 a.m. class. This will be an advanced CrossFit training class that will push athletes in strength, endurance and gymnastics. The coach will have the ability to WOD with the athletes.

Fit Fam WOD

Do you have friends and family who would like to try CrossFit style workouts but are concerned about their current fitness or athletic ability? Or maybe have not had the push to try CrossFit? This class at 10 a.m. on Saturdays is for them! This class will always be a team WOD based upon simplified CrossFit movements that anyone can perform. You will be able to work out with your kids during this time!

We will be selling punch cards for these Saturday classes non-members may purchase and use strictly on Saturdays.

Longevity Class

Every Wednesday and Friday from 10:30-11:30 a.m., we will host a longevity class. This is a strength training class designed for seniors that is a safe and effective way to prevent many health issues that may arise as the body ages. Strength training is important for all ages, especially in older adults. This class is designed to improve every day tasks and body movements while maintaining bone density, preventing osteoporosis, frailty, potential falls and other more serious health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

Iron Kids (CrossFit Kids):

Coach Shannon loves working with children and teaching them how to be strong, agile and adaptable. With her CrossFit Kids certification in hand, Shannon will be coaching an Iron Kids class every Monday and Wednesday from 4-4:30 p.m. She will teach the basic fundamental movements of CrossFit in a fun, safe environment. Do your kids want to be strong like superheros? Our Iron Kids program is the way to go!

Iron Bridge Class Times


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Our Mission

Shannon, Donnie, Erin, Candace and Pat will be working hand-in-hand with Keith and Beth during this time of transition. Our goals in this transition period are simple: To learn more about the athletes and their fitness goals, and continue to not only build, but enhance the Iron Bridge community. We’re excited about what the future holds!

For additional information regarding Iron Bridge, please email us at:

A Farewell Letter from Keith and Beth

We would like to announce that the time has come for us to hand over the torch as the owners of Iron Bridge CrossFit. Please join us in welcoming the new owners, Donnie and Shannon! We could not have asked to pass the torch over to anyone better than these two. We are certain that IBCF is in wonderful, caring, tough-loving arms. We’ve been working through this transition with Donnie and Shannon for a little over a month. It has been difficult to keep it quiet, but it had to be done to make sure that everything could be worked out so that it was in the best interest of all of us as well as you, our Iron Bridge family.

We couldn’t be happier that Donnie and Shannon will be taking the reins and supporting your goals at Iron Bridge. They have big plans for the gym and will bring new energy to the community. We’ve seen them in action coaching and we’ve worked out with them as well. They are an awesome team and have the intensity, care and commitment that you all expect from a coaching team.

We opened IBCF nearly six years ago with the vision of building a strong, friendly community that focused on improving people's lives. Whether it be through nutrition education or teaching proper, everyday body mechanics to move better and prevent injury. We aimed to improve your fitness to be able to keep up with your kids or simply provide a fun-loving atmosphere where people felt welcome, making life-long friendships in the process and enjoying spending an hour of their day with us. Iron Bridge became even more than that to us. You all have become family and have all left a mark on us that will be with us always. We want to thank you for all the memories and support over the years. We have enjoyed celebrating each and every gain with you. Remember that first legit handstand hold after falling on your head time and time again?! Or your first pull up after practicing that darn beat swing over and over and flailing around like a fish out of water?! The first box jump after you got up the nerve to just go for it. For all the times you said, "I can't" and we said, YOU CAN AND WILL! We will miss that. We hope we were able to change your lives for the better like you all did for us.

This, however, is not the last you will see of us. We will still be active in Iron Bridge's community, supporting Donnie and Shannon along the way. We will be working out with you side by side now, so no sandbagging! You can't get rid of us that easily! To all of the laughs, tears and blood blisters.... we love you all! Thank you again for your friendship and support over the years. – Keith and Beth

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