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Fist Bumping Beyond Our 4 Walls - Welcome to SugarWOD!

The greatest aspect of CrossFit is the community that is formed by people working out together, and we want to help our athletes further that community aspect by utilizing our fitness tracker app called SugarWOD. This app allows athletes to track progress on lifts and WOD scores, and view weekly and previous workouts.

It tracks personal records ranging from olympic lifts to Hero WODS to gymnastics skills and endurance times. The app provides linked videos in the preparation section to help athletes prepare for a WOD ahead of time. Say there are dumbbell snatches in the WOD. Not sure the standards, but want to brush up on the movement prior to class? Watch the video within SugarWOD! There are numerous features on this app that are all helpful, and we will highlight more in the future, but today we want to focus the social aspect of the app.

Let's Get Social

SugarWOD can be used to enhance our community in two primary ways: The fist bump and comment features. The fist bump is the SugarWod equivalent to a “like” feature on other social media platforms. Think of it as a quick way to acknowledge the effort that a fellow athlete has put into a workout; it is a quick way to show your support and encouragement.

Comments are for when an athlete crushes that personal record dead lift by 50 pounds, or finishes a grueling WOD and a simple fist bump will not do. A SugarWOD user can write a comment like: nice job, or keep up the good work to support their fellow workout.

The reason we all love CrossFit is because we never work out alone. With SugarWOD, we can extend that community beyond our four walls. If you have not yet, download SugarWOD! Here is a link that will give you additional information about this awesome app:

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