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Are You Consuming Enough Protein? Probably Not

Are you consuming enough protein?? Chance are, you aren’t.

Whether it’s for aesthetic reasons, or just to complete the daily Crossfit Wod, proper protein intake is important for any type of athlete! Protein not only provides the building blocks for muscle, but, along with exercise, it also stimulates muscle growth and aids in muscle-recovery!

Protein is a crucial component of every cell in our bodies. It’s used to repair and build tissues, as well as create hormones and enzymes that help control metabolism and growth. Protein gets broken down in to amino acids, which are then absorbed and distributed throughout the body. Cells take what they need and rearrange amino acids to aid in muscle-gain or recover from those tough workouts.

Great sources of animal-based protein are lean fish, chicken, beef, turkey, pork eggs and dairy products. Bison and lamb are great options as well, but harder to come by. You can also get great sources of plant-based protein from beans, lentils, oats, seeds and nuts. Protein powders can also be helpful in upping protein counts!

Now what?

For proper body function, and to support lean muscle mass, protein is key.

An easy starting point would be consuming at least your lean body weight in protein (grams). A 4 oz serving of chicken has an estimated 25g of protein; 6 oz has an estimated 35g. An initial meal plan with a focus on protein consumption could look something along the lines of, breakfast, lunch and dinner meals containing 6oz of protein, along with two smaller, snack-sized meals with at least 3oz. of protein. Whatever the protein source is, just make sure those protein counts are where they should be to aid in your fitness goals!

A great tool to aid you in your protein-journey is the calorie-tracking app, My Fitness Pal. It’s not only free but super easy to use. It breaks down all meals by calories and by macros, including protein.

So, whether you’re a weekend warrior, or looking to add some muscle-size, something as simple as logging protein intake can make a world of a difference!

*Be on the lookout for new nutritional options coming to the box soon!*

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