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Debunking Olympic Weightlifting Misconceptions

Hey there, Iron Warriors!

I’m your Olympic weightlifting coach, Pat Yib. There is one subject I personally want to talk about with all of you and that is… Olympic weightlifting!

I understand some of you may be apprehensive, excited, indifferent and/or uninterested when the term “Olympic weightlifting” appears. However, snatches, cleans, and jerks are appearing weekly throughout the Iron Bridge programming. It is imperative and vital for every athlete to understand that Olympic weightlifting movements are very intricate and complex. Because the movements are so technical, we provide an Olympic weightlifting class Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. and Saturdays 8:00 a.m. BONUS: These OLY classes are included in the Iron Bridge membership, for no extra fee or charge!

The Olympic weightlifting class is not a class where athletes pick up and throw down HEAVY WEIGHTS every session. Instead, the class empowers and encourages athletes to learn the lifts through:

  • Proper positional cues

  • Various technique drills

  • Consistent muscle memory

My true goal for every athlete who attends my OLY class is to provide in-depth instructions, as well as an exhilarating environment to practice lifts.

I also strive to find the best weightlifting method that will produce and maximize the amount of weight on the barbell for each athlete (once they've mastered the PVC pipe, of course)!

There are many myths and misconceptions when it comes to the Olympic Weightlifting world. I'm here to address the common ones I've heard:

"I have to be in good shape and/or have great flexibility to attend Olympic weightlifting class"

Nonsense! Individual athletes of all shapes and sizes are welcomed; in addition, those with mobility issues and/or injuries will have modified substitutions to help work around those issues and injuries.

"These lifting movements will make me...Bulky/Overweight/Hangry"

Unless you’re genetically blessed or training for The CrossFit Games, you will not become bulky nor overweight after a few Olympic weightlifting classes. Picking up a barbell will NOT pack on the weight.

Olympic weightlifting helps athletes tone muscle, as well as promote fat loss – so… GAINZ! Although heavy and high volume lifting may increase appetite, this is a result from increased metabolism that the body is experiencing.

"Olympic lifting class is just a bunch of people throwing around weights"

False! The class will begin with a warmup followed by all athletes - regardless of skill level - reviewing the lift of focus with a PVC pipe. Practicing lifts with a PVC pipe will drill technique before an athlete even touches a barbell. Athletes will then perform five (or six) sets of a lifting complex to implement drills and technique. The class ends with accessory work to target: mobility, unilateral strength building, and building explosiveness.

There are complimentary twerking lessons and advanced hip-hop dance routines that will help you find your own pre-ritual lifting antics and PR celebration dances!

"I need weightlifting shoes, knee sleeves, knee wraps, tapes, straps, etc."

Absolutely not! Just bring clothes to workout in and yourself. These shoes, knee sleeves/wraps, athletic tapes, and straps are just EXTRA with a pinch of salt. Unless I designate the day to have a heavy single (or one rep max), the best option you can bring is yourself with an attitude to lift some weight and learn technique!

"I'm really good at snatches versus cleans, so I only need to come to the class that reviews cleans"

I encourage athletes to attend as many Olympic weightlifting classes as possible. There is always an aspect of Olympic weightlifting that an athlete can improve.

Each and every Olympic weightlifting class will dissect a portion of the lift within the snatch, clean, and jerk – so extra practice will help athletes build consistency within lifts!

Thank you guys for taking the time to read and hear me out, the links below dive into more detail about Olympic Weightlifting!

Coach Pat

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