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Fostering Fun Fitness for All Ages- #CrossFit Kids at Iron Bridge

Healthy children are usually happy children. As a mother of five children, it is extremely important to me that my children are both healthy and happy. Teaching kids at an early age that exercise can be fun builds a great foundation for healthy habits that will hopefully stay with them throughout their teenage years and last into adulthood.

Childhood obesity rates are a concern, not only in America but world-wide. It is paramount that we encourage our children to continually move and eat healthy. That is why I obtained my CrossFit Kids (CF Kids) certification and created the Iron Kids program at Iron Bridge.

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Why CrossFit Kids?

One of the many things I enjoy about CrossFit is the never boring, always changing workouts. Many kids burn out on sports because they do the same thing every practice and in every game they play. At Iron Kids, however, each day is different with constantly varied workouts, skill work, strengths and games. The kids learn how to perform a variety of movements, including:

  • squats

  • presses

  • deadlifts

  • cleans

  • push-ups

  • pull-ups

  • handstand push-ups and walks

  • kettlebells

  • rope climbs

  • gymnastics movements

  • box jumps

Our Iron Kids athletes learn all of these movements in a safe and fun environment through coaching, workouts, and games.

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Because CrossFit has so many different movements and components, each child can and will find and area they excel. One kid may be the strongest in the group, while another is the fastest, have the most endurance, or be the most flexible. No one skill or strength is better than the other, so every child has the ability to shine. Accomplishing new goals, reaching new PRs (personal records), lifting a little heavier, or acquiring a new skill happens almost every week in class. The joy can be seen in their faces and whole body when they accomplish something new each week. Playing games at the end of class is just one of many highlights of their day! (Thank you to the evening class that stays and plays games with our kids!) We have happy CF kids!

My goal as a CrossFit Kids trainer is to get kids ups and moving in a fun and safe way, and to encourage a lifetime of healthy habits. Children are our little miracles to love, nurture, and teach for only a short few years. Instill in them a love for exercise at an early age!

If you're interested in having your child try Iron Kids, contact us to set up a day for them to hop into a class! Our Iron Kids program is from 6:30-7:30 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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