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Investing in Coaches, Investing in You

Over Easter weekend Coach Erin, and our social media guru Candace, traveled to Austin, Texas so Erin could obtain her CrossFit Mobility Certificate. Although it appeared they only ate copious amounts of food (they say they went on a food tour), Erin spent a full day at CrossFit Lumos with fellow coaches and an HQ Mobility instructor learning various mobility techniques. Be on the lookout for a blog about their weekend away, Erin's mobility cert, and how dropping in to CrossFit Jaakarhu shaped their trip.

Moving on, this weekend, Coach Pat will be in Charlotte to receive his CrossFit Level 2 Training Certificate. As owners of Iron Bridge, Shannon and I support the continuing education of our coaches both with time off and with monetary support once within a calendar year. Why are we willing to invest in them like this? The answer is simple: an investment in their continuing growth as coaches is a long term investment in you as athletes and the life of the box as a whole. In other words, this investment offers a tremendous dividend.

All of you know that continuing education is a central part of developing a professional career. From tradesmen to doctors, all professions require that their practitioner’s remain current on the latest advancements and practices in the field, and the same goes for coaching CrossFit. I really believe there are several key reasons that make it worthwhile for us to invest in our coaches.

Reason One: Foundation for Retention

If you have spent any time in a CrossFit box, you know there is often a carousel of coaches that come and go, and this is not good for the coaching staff or for the athletes. From the outset, we wanted to create a different culture with our coaching staff, one where they know they have a major role to play in the life of the box. By supporting their continuing education, and creating space within our coaching team for them to pass that knowledge on to others, we have laid the foundation for a team that people what to be a part of for the long term.

Reason Two: Investments Encourage Growth

In my own profession, we say that you can tell the day that a minister stopped growing by the published date of the latest book in his office. In other words, it takes effort and energy to stay fresh in your field, but it is necessary and life giving. When our coaches attend these courses, they are around other coaches and a team of instructors that refresh and renew them for further service as coaches.

Reason Three: Athletes Benefit

Ultimately, this is reason enough for us to invest in our coaches. When they return from these courses, they pour new knowledge into athletes in classes, which means that you will have the chance to improve as an athlete.

When Coach Pat or Coach Erin return and ask you to perform a new movement, be patient and give it a try, you may be a stronger, faster athlete as a result! When athletes reach their goals, we are happy, proud and excited. We as owners are certain that investing in our coaches like this is key to making sure you are the best that you can be in the box.

Finally, thank you for joining us on this journey; we are building a box with a very different culture and each of you plays a role in this project. Keep on investing in each other, and Iron Bridge will genuinely be a special place.


Coach Donnie

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