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One of the most impressive aspects of the CrossFit games is the sheer amount of weight the athletes can lift on a barbell while simultaneously making the movements appear effortless. If seeing it is amazing, then attempting these lifts for the first time is humbling. An athlete with a 400 plus pound deadlift can be challenged while attempting an overhead squat for the first time.

Olympic Lifting

Olympic Weightlifting is a sport that is technical, difficult, and beautiful when executed correctly.

OLY weightlifting may be one of the more difficult skills that we tackle in CrossFit, but it is not something that you need to fear. We strive to help our athletes feel empowered and comfortable with their OLY lifts. Learning these technical movements will not only increase your strength, but will also assist while lifting during WODs. Iron Bridge offers OLY weightlifting classes twice a week with Coach Patrick Yib. These classes are on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. and on Saturdays at 8:00 a.m. Classes are also open to non-Iron Bridge members by way of drop in pass, or through our Olympic Weightlifting Membership.

Coach Pat Yib, a competitive Olympic weightlifter with years of lifting and coaching experience, bases his programming upon the Catalyst methodology. His first commitment, however, is always the safety of his athletes; therefore his coaching focus is always first form, then strength and finally intensity.

Athletes will spend hours with a PVC pipe or an empty barbell in hand, prior to adding weight. This methodology forms muscle memory before loading weight to the bar; resulting in stronger, more technically correct movements.

These classes will cycle through the three main Olympic lifting movements: Snatch, clean and jerk. Each lift will be reviewed in-depth, requiring athletes to use secondary muscles to properly execute the movement. We will never WOD during an Oly class, but we assure that you will receive a phenomenal workout – even if you only touch a PVC pipe. Coach Pat also incorporates accessory work to ensure athletes are building stabilizer muscles that will help improve all OLY lifts.

For Iron Bridge Members: The real beauty of these classes is that they are a part of the Iron Bridge membership package. We want you to excel and be the best athlete that you can be, so when you are ready to take your lifting to the next level, come at take a class with coach Pat!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Olympic Weightlifting!
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